Natural Latex

Rubber Latex Tree Tap
Natural Latex - Hevea Brasiliensis Tree Tap

Natural Latex is produced from the Hevea Brasiliensis rubber tree. These trees are grown on large plantations, primarily found in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Liberia.

Natural Latex is a cloudy, white liquid that is collected by cutting thin strips of bark from the tree, and allowing the latex to drop into collecting vessels. The latex is then gathered, poured into containers, and delivered to a processing station where it is strained & concentrated.

The latex is placed into a centrifuge, stabilizers are added, and the latex is centrifuged to remove some of the water & increase the rubber content of the latex. After centrifuging, the material is known as latex concentrate, and contains roughly 60% rubber.

This latex concentrate is then compounded by Chemionics Corporation by adding other raw material ingredients. These raw materials are water-based dispersions which are added to the latex to achieve the desired performance characteristics.

Chemionics produces high quality, custom formulated natural latex compounds for a multitude of market applications & processing possibilities.

Chemionics offers formulations using both high & low ammonia natural latex, as well as offering pre-vulcanized compounds.

To assist our customers with their manufacturing & processing of our latex compounds, Chemionics also produces specialty additives, dispersions, and coagulants.

Our technical laboratory is available to develop the formulation you require, as well as assist in the application & processing of our compounds to meet your exact needs.

See our Water-Based Compounding Capabilities Brochure.

Some of the primary natural latex product categories are as follows:

These natural latex cohesives can be formulated specifically to be coated onto paper, foam, foil, and various films & fabrics. Product applications include:

  • Self-Seal Envelopes
  • Napkin Wraps
  • Currency Wraps
  • Protective Wrapping Materials
  • Bandage Wraps
  • Candy Wrappers
  • Medical Packaging
  • Luggage Tags
  • Apparel Wraps

Casting / Slush Casting Compounds

Natural Latex - Halloween MaskNatural Latex - Halloween Mask

These compounds are pre-vulcanized natural latex used to produce hollow, flexible products by slush casting into plaster molds. The latex sets-up as a result of water in the latex being absorbed into the plaster mold, depositing a wall of gelled latex on the mold surface. The excess latex is then poured out of the mold, the remaining layer is partially dried, and then removed from the mold and completely dried. Product applications include:

  • Halloween Masks
  • Flexible toys
  • Halloween props & special effects
  • Doll Bodies

Mold Making Compounds

Natural Latex - Ornamental Concrete/Statuary
Natural Latex - Manufactured Stone Veneer
Natural Latex - Manufactured Stone Veneer
Natural Latex - Ornamental Concrete/Statuary

These compounds have been developed for making flexible, durable rubber molds. These compounds can be brush applied, sprayed, or dipped to create the desired rubber mold.

Our high quality formulations yield excellent surface reproductions & the finest detail. The major uses are for making molds when pouring concrete & plaster for the following applications:

  • Architectural Restoration
  • Manufactured Stone Veneer
  • Ornamental Concrete / Statuary
  • Wax Candle Making
  • Plaster Statuary

Some of our more popular mold making compounds are:

  • 61-1000 Series
    – Brush/Spray Applied
    – 74-76% Total Solids
  • 60-1600 Series
    – Brush/Spray Applied
    – 55-62% Total Solids
  • 60-1300 Series
    – Dipping Compound
    – 56-60% Total Solids

Custom Formulations Also Available!

Misc. Natural Latex Compounds

Chemionics also offers custom formulated natural latex compounds for the following applications:

  • Latex Body Paint
  • Latex Clothing
  • Air Brush Latex
  • Latex Solder Mask
  • Strippable Coatings
  • Biological Injection
  • Latex Sheet
  • Rug/Carpet Backing
  • Adhesives / Binders

Additives / Complimentary Products

Chemionics produces a full line of water-based additives, coagulants, dispersions, and processing aids for our customers. Some of these include:

  • Coagulants (water-based & alcohol-based)
  • Curatives
  • Dispersions:

  • Anti-Oxidants
  • Sulfur
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Flame Retardants
  • Clay
  • Casein

Please contact us for all of your natural latex compound requirements!

Packaging Options

Tank Truck
  • Tank Trucks / Bulk Delivery
  • IBC’s:
    • 275-Gallon Steel Totes
    • 275-Gallon Steel-Caged Totes
    • 275-Gallon Corrugated Totes
  • 55-Gallon Steel Drums
  • 55-Gallon Fiber Drum
  • 5-Gallon Pails