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Natural or synthetic compounds to meet your production needs!

Latex glovesAmong the natural compounds we supply are those for straight dip and coagulant dip processes employed in the manufacture of medical products such as surgeons' gloves, examination gloves, catheters, rebreather bags and prophylactics.

Natural latex cohesives used to coat paper, film, foam, and corrugated are another Chemionics specialty.

Other natural rubber dip compounds are used for balloons, toys, industrial parts, and automotive parts. Chemionics also supplies conductive dip compounds used for rebreather bags and gloves, and molding compounds used for plaster and concrete casting and reproduction of surface profiles.

Neoprene and nitrile latex compounds are used for numerous coating and dipping applications, as well as cord dips for industrial belts and hoses. Synthetic latex compounds are also used as coating materials in industrial and commercial markets, as well as "Latex Free" cohesives.

Latex Compounds
Chemionics produces high quality natural and synthetic latex compounds and a variety of blends of natural and synthetic polymers. Natural latex compounds are tailored to meet the stringent requirements of straight dip and coagulant dip processes used in the manufacture of medical products such as surgeon and exam gloves, catheters, and re-breather bags. In addition, Chemionics produces a unique series of high solids natural latex compounds used in plaster casting of rigid parts, doll bodies, and face masks.

To assist our customers with their manufacturing of latex products, Chemionics also produces specialty coagulants, dispersions, pH adjusters and other additive systems.

Straight Dip Compounds

60 Series
Straight dip natural latex compounds are used to produce a variety of thin medical products and light gauge balloons. Description Viscosity #2 Solids
Films, protective devices 19-23 sec. 53-58%
Gloves, surgeon/exam 19-23 sec. 56-58%
Finger cots, standard/conductive 16-21 sec. 38-53%

Coagulant Dip Compounds

60 Series
Coagulant dip compounds are used to provide conductive and non-conductive products, examination and surgeon's gloves, catheters, balloons, automotive parts, re-breather bags, and specialty products. Description Viscosity #2 Solids
Bags, conductive/non-conductive 18-22 sec. 40-55%
Medical, surgeon/exam gloves 18-23 sec. 53-58%
Medical, catheters/dental gloves 18-23 sec. 56-58%
Toys, balloons/toy articles 19-23 sec. 56-60%
Industrial, Automotive 18-23 sec. 52-58%

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Synthetic Latex Compounds

105 - 160 - 406 - 408 Series
Synthetic latex compounds based on neoprene, nitrile, and other synthetic polymers along with blends of these polymer systems are enjoying rapid growth in industrial products and in medical markets for specialty gloves.     Description Viscosity #2 Solids
Medical, overdips/underdips 17-20 sec. 53-55%
Medical, surgeon gloves/catheters 15-19 sec. 51-53%
Medical, mattress covers 19-24 sec. 52-58%
Waterproofing, gloves/fabric coatings 15-19 sec. 51-53%
Automotive, boots 20-22 sec. 50-55%
Saturants, tire cord adhesive 12 sec. 20-22%
Industrial flame retardant 30+ sec. 40-45%

Latex/"Latex Free" Cohesive Compounds

60 - 62 - 105 Series
Natural and synthetic (latex free) latex cohesives formulated for paper, film, foam, and corrugated.  These products can be formulated to meet any viscosity/ total solids spec, as well as tinted for color coding.     Description Viscosity LVF Solids
Envelope Cohesive 80-150 cps. 57-59%
Corrugated Paper 60-80 cps. 59-62%
Box Seal 1000-1400 cps. 59-61%
Industrial Packaging 5000-6000 cps. 56-58%
Poly Film 120-200 cps. 58-62%
Medical Packaging 250-850 cps. 53-57%

Casting and Molding Latex Compounds

60 - 61 - 1000 Series
Chemionics pioneered the development of high solids natural latex compounds for making latex molds and surface reproduction, and the casting or molding of rigid and flexible parts. Description Viscosity Solids
61-1000 statues/ceramics 200,000 cps 74%
Rigid, doll bodies 14 sec. #4 Zahn 55%
Semi rigid, face masks 12 sec. #4 Zahn 62%
Medical, cavity display 19-24 sec. #2 Zahn 60%

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